Dr. Jasmine D. Crenshaw:
I wish you all the best of luck on Thursday with the Future STEM Leaders Summit!  I hate that I can not be there on Thursday due to teaching obligations in Richmond, but I look forward to attending a future summit (hopefully Homecoming 2015). Please let me keep me posted on the outcomes of the summit!

Dr.  Deatrick  Foster

Dear Abebe,

I'm very pleased to see that this event is taking place! Sorry I cannot attend this year, but I am interested to participate in future instances. Please give my well wishes ad kind regards to everyone!
I'm still based in Paris for now, but some big changes are in progress as I am considering two jobs offers (sorry I can't be more specific at this time).
Thanks for putting this event together and keeping me in the loop.

Best wishes,

Dr. vernon simmons

I went to Jones Sr. High in Jones County.  Actually, one of my favorite teachers moved to Greensboro while I was in High School.  Her name was Mrs. Gwen Parsons.  Sorry I won't be able to make it, but I hope to be there Friday afternoon for the CAS gathering.  I will contact you while there to see if there is something I can do for next time.

All the Best,

Mr. Henry Ramey
Dear Dr. Kebede,
I am excited to hear about the future STEM LEADERS seminar. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend. As you may know I have relocated to Virginia, but I still am connected through my Ph.D program there at NCAT.

I will be in North Carolina in November for a presentation at NC State Univ. with a group of my Ph.D program classmates, and maybe I'll get to your office to say hello!

You know that my hearty support is with you and that your success in this endeavor is just over the horizon! Please let me know how that I can help in the future and continued success to you and all your endeavors there at NCAT Physics!!!