Department of Physics, NC A&T State University
Marteena Hall

email: abkebede@gmail.com
Contact: Dr. Abebe Kebede,  SPS Advisor
and Ms. Dominique James, SPS President

In consideration of the need for well-prepared STEM leadership in the present and near future times, the Department of Physics at NC A&T State University is organizing a series of meetings of the STEM graduates form the University and around the world. FUTURE STEM LEADERS’ SUMMIT will be held annually on the occasion of the Aggie Homecoming This summit will feature former graduates of NC A&T who continue to lead successful STEM careers, and rising stars in their research and education undertaking.  The department of physics is instrumental in shaping and training STEM leaders.  The summit has a lot of benefits. NCAT STEM students and faculty members will be able to network with proven leaders of education and research. Former graduates can become bridges between the the University community and the institutions with whichthat they are affiliated. Research and education ideas can be generated, which in turn will involve the former graduates directly with the department. The participation of former graduates in this summit opens education and research opportunities for the students, and provides a platform for further networking on personal level and welcomes their unique position to transform society because of their STEM education. During this summit, several talks and panel discussion will be conducted followed by  poster presentations by STEM students on research they have done during the academic year and during the summer .We will publish a small booklet “Where are they now?” featuring  successful future STEM leaders, including their roles in stem fields

We are also using the opportunity to showcase achievemens and stage of development of our current undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty research.   In order to do this  please sunmit abstracts for your display to  Dr. Abebe Kebede (abkebede@gmail.com)