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Dear Author

Thank you for your interest in African Journal of Physics.  Here are a partial list of  rules.

1) You follow the publication rules shown at

2) Unless it is agreed by the editors, you must follow the  attached format

3) You must submit your manuscript in PDF format only

4) You must provide the names, addresses, affiliation and email address of  at least three reviewers who are experts in topic of your publication

5) Please be advised that your paper will be published online, and you agree that  your reference, must indicate "Africa Journal of Physics", volume ##, Issue ##, and the website  pointing to your paper.

6) The editor will send you the link to your article

7) By agreeing to publish at AJP, you also testify that the article is NOT published anywhere, and the article does not contain copyrighted material beyond the standard of publishing of a scientific article

8) Those authors in Africa,  It is  helpful if you discuss your paper with your country representative (in Africa).

9) Non African authors may send there manuscripts directly to the editor

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