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Category of Articles

Rules for Articles
Rules for Proceedings

Submission of articles
Review process
File Format
AJP Template
General Category of Fields
Frequently Asked Questions


AJP publishes original research papers, review articles, features, letters to the editor, and other science education and research papers. It also publishes physics lectures, graduate and senior thesis, proceedings of conferences, schools, institutes, seminars and workshops as well as special issues. Solicitations for publications will be issued to the African Physics Forum, African Physical Society, African Scientific Network and any other interested parties affiliated with these networks

Category of Articles

1) Research Article 
2) Feature Article 
3) Review Article
4) Letter to the Editor
5) News and Information
6) Proceedings
7) Graduate and Senior Thesis
8) Special Issues
9) Physics Lectures


The African Physics Forum, and The African Scientific Network, solicit the publication of proceedings of conferences, workshops, institutes and symposia that are conducted by African scientific institutions and their collaborators elsewhere.  The proceedings will be published as special issues of AJP


AJP publishes education and research articles that are bound to form a larger student thesis, as well as the whole thesis. Depending on the size and quality of the thesis, consideration will be given to publish it as special issue.

Rules for Articles
1) the article is not published any where (print media and internet)

2) The lead author is responsible for the contents of the article and their legal consequences

3) The lead author must agree to the publication of the article online and on print media.

4) In the case of graduate and undergraduate thesis, the author will be required to obtain permission from the thesis advisor and the department chair.

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b) Rules for Proceedings
1) The lead organizer of the conference, or symposium, or school or institute or workshop, must authorize the executive editor of AJP to publish the materials. 

2) All fees related to the publications are covered by the conference organizers

3) AJP publishes proceedings of conference, schools, institutes, and workshops sponsored by the African Scientific Network and the African Physics Forum.

4) Special issues: AJP can dedicate the entire publication for a single research and education topic. AJP Special issue consists of contributed papers on a topic and related topics. For example special issue  Advances in non science, computational science etc.

5) Call for papers: AJP  request for papers to the African Scientific Network and the African Physics Forum to be published as separate articles or special issue.

Submission of articles 

1) All communication to AJP is through the internet

2) Before submitting an article for  publication, the lead author must send an email indicating his/her intention to submit an article. The articles must include the following

  • Authors Names ( Last, First)
  • Authors address (mailing and email)
  • Title of Abstract
  • Abstract with references
  • General category of Article
  • Three Suggested reviewers (two of them must be members of the African Physics Forum). Full mailing address and email addresses of the suggested reviewers must be provided
  • Approximate date of completion of the articles

    3) The material must be sent to directly to the editor in MS Word format to the editor gutaye @ ncat . edu or gutaye@ncat.edu

    4) The lead author will be contacted with 3 working days, the acceptance of the abstract, and he/she will be provided with a firm deadline for the full article. The deadline is 45 days  after the submission of the abstract. There is no grace period

    5) The editor will email the author only one reminder 15 days before the deadline

    6) After the full article is received, the author will be notified within three working days that the article is received

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    Review process 

    1) AJP will send the article to the three suggested reviewers requesting their input about the article

    2) AJP will also send the article to two AJP's own reviewers requesting the input

    3) The review criteria are not different from those journals published by, for example, the American Physical Society. 

    1. Validity: Is the work scientifically sound ?
    2. Importance: Does the manuscript report substantial research ?

    3. Interest: Is the manuscript of broad interest ? 
    4) The reviewers will classify the article  as fair, good, very good and excellent. 

    5) After the article is reviewed, the reviews will be sent directly to the lead author.

    6) Articles with majority of  Very good and above AJP be considered for  publication when

    a) the authors fulfill the improvements suggested by the reviewers 
    b) AJP publication temperate is followed
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    File Format

    The file must be in either Mac or Windows format. 

    1) For online publication the text must be submitted three formats 

    a) in Microsoft Word, 
    b) HTML
    c) pdf

    2) For the case of HTML, the tables, figures and equations must be included as separate GIF or JPEG files in the body of the text. 

    3) For print media, the text must be submitted in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and pdf with no page numbering. The file must be in either Mac or Windows format. All tables and figures  must be included as separate at the end pages of the manuscript after the reference page and the short bio of the author. Equations must be included at their right position in the text. 

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    AJP Template in PDF Format
    1) Author's Kit

    2) Electronic Submission form 


    1) The lead author guarantees that all copyright laws are followed

    2) AJP will not guarantee the publication of any article. It reserves the right to reject any article without providing a justification for rejecting such article

    3) AJP shall not publish articles that it deemed discriminatory against any religion, ethnicity, sexuality and of such a nature that go beyond the limits set by US laws.

    4) AJP shall not publish articles that are of nature that violate US laws, and that are against US interests

    5) AJP shall consider publishing articles that deal with humanitarian issues pertaining to African Scientist and students 

    6) AJP shall collaborate with premier scientific organization to promote physics education and research in Africa

    7) AJP is only acting as an outlet for scientific discourse, education and research.

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    AJP shall issue a standard disclaimer on all articles,  that states "AJP shall not  assume any  legal or financial obligations that may arise due to the publication of the article, and that the authors will be responsible for the content and effect of their articles". 

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    General Category of Fields
    Condensed Matter Physics
    Low, Medium and High Energy Physics
    Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics
    Astronomy and Astrophysics
    General Engineering and Applied Sciences
    Physics Education and Research
    Physics Lectures
    Material Science
    Virtual Physics
    Computational Science 
    Best Teaching Practices
    Integration of Research and Learning

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    General topics of interest for physics Lectures
    • Mechanics 
    • Relativity 
    • Quantum Mechanics 
    • Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 
    • Atomic and molecular dynamics 
    • Atomic and molecular structure, spectra and properties 
    • Nuclear Physics 
    • Particle Physics 
    • Gravity Field 
    • Solid State Physics 
    • Low temperature Physics 
    • High Energy Physics 
    • Statistical Mechanics and many body physics 
    • Condensed matter physics 
    • Electromagnetics 
    • Laser Physics 
    • Electronics 
    • Plasma Physics 
    • Optics 
    • Space Physics 
    • Space Science
    • Non-Linear Systems and Chaos 
    • Thermodynamics, Fluid MMechanics, Elasticity
    • Atmosphere physics 
    • Environmental Physics 
    • Astrophysics 
    • Astronomy 
    • Biophysics 
    • Biochemistry 
    • Physical Chemistry 
    • Medical Physics 
    • Welding Physics 
    • Materials Physics 
    • Sensors 

    • Measurements Physics for technology and applications
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