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AASDO Objectives and Programs

The purpose of AASDO is to provide charitable assistance to schools and to Students located in Assella-Arsi areas of Ethiopia. While addressing the important social needs such as education, health, adequate  lighting and erradication of hunger .  AASDO is committed to
    • Provide financial and educational material assistance to promising students in the former Ras Darghe School , currently known us Chilalo Terrara
    • Provide financial and material assistance to schools in Assella-Arsi areas
    • Provide books to libraries, and improve the libraries
    • Improve sport facilities
    • Encourage physical and artistic development
    • Conduct annual events such as parents day and Great Ethiopian American Run
    • Ecourage participation by strengthening academic, artistic and sports clubs
    • Assist in the development of school run cottage industry such as gardening, dairy and chicken farm
    • Study the feasibility of attracting major agricultural industries to Assella
    • Provide logistical and Mateial support for Global School Networks- The AASDO-Network will work closely with US K12 communities to connect with the K12 communities in Assella and Arsi Zone
    • Develop unique and repeatable School to Schools (S2S) activities
    • Facilitate Entrance of Students to Tade Schools and Universities in Ethiopia and USA
In order to fulfil its committment AASDO will engage in fund raising through grants and donnations.