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Bahir Dar University Graduate Programs

More about Bahir Dar University can be found in its website (which is under updating) at

Baylie Damtie (PhD)
Head of Washera Geospace and Radar Science Laboratory
And Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Bahir Dar University, P.O.Box 79
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


Bahir Dar University is carrying out unprecedented graduate program expansion and research.  With a very rich history of technical education, by then called Bahir Dar polytechnique, now Faculty of engineering and also the newly established Science Faculty, the University is running many graduate programs with a very high priority to research and graduate program in engineering and science.  We are working hard to create a dynamic research and development center named   National Center for Computational Science and Engineering.  This center is expected to be the nation’s high computing center for science and engineering.  Also, research in agriculture has started to flourish rather rapidly.  The purpose of this message is not to list down the achievements and success stories of the Bahir Dar University; but rather to outline the lists of available options to anyone who wants to contribute to this exciting endeavor and be part of history.


 This option aims at transferring highly specialized instrumental, mathematical, numerical, computer and other highly specialized skills to the respective graduate students and staff of Bahir Dar University.  A person who has a highly specialized skill and also who wants to transfer his/her knowledge may contact the University and advice how it can be practical. The training may be conducted while the expert is visiting Ethiopia for other reason or in some cases the University can invite the expert directly for the training. Proper compensation shall be paid for the trainer.  Priority will be given to science and engineering disciplines. However, highly technical skills in economics, accounting and in some other social sciences are also needed. This option does not include presentation on specific this and that discoveries; but rather on skills employed to obtain the discoveries. 

2-    Option Two:   ONLINE LECTURES

This option utilizes the unique opportunity modern technology has brought to us and that is Internet.  As you all know one can deliver lectures online and the students do not necessarily need to meet their instructor in person. In some cases we can arrange video links, which we have already installed in our University. We shall list all the courses that can be delivered online and any interested person who wants to deliver these courses can contact the University. The University will check the background of the applicant and arrange all practical matter to realize the course delivery. It is also possible to suggest us the courses you want to deliver via this system and we will let you know about the possibility.


Bahir Dar University has already acquired a good experience in running joint projects with other universities  and also in joint supervision of graduate students.  This option aims at expanding this experience greatly. The interested person can contact to the University or respective faculty outline his/her intention for joint supervision or joint project. The University will facilitate all practical matters and the supervision can be carried out via Internet. 

4-    Option Four: University consulting

The vision of Bahir Dar University is rather big and to realize those visions we need to design a dynamic mechanism that is up-to-date and allow us to emerge as a global player in college education and research.  It is very important to us to get feedback and consultation in order to avoid making any slight mistake that might drag the University backward.  The idea of this option is to get advise from experts on how to make the University a world-class training and research center.   We welcome experts who can critical evaluate our daily operations and other systems of the University and give constructive comments.

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