Dr. Lake Mariam Asfaw

From: Mulugeta Tuji (mulugetatuji@yahoo.com)  

May 19 2008
Congratulations Dr. Laike for the well deserved huge recognition of your work. We are proud of you and your achievement will continue to be an inspiration for us all.

From: Girma Goro Gonfa (girma.gorogonfa@uct.ac.za)  

May 15 2008
Congratulations Prof.
Your shining achievements inspire upcoming generation.

From: Solomon Duki (solomon.duki@case.edu)  

May 15 2008
It is great to see the recognition of your works.

From: Aregbesola Theodora (bledore@oauife.edu.ng)  

Home page: http://www.oauife.edu.ng
May 11 2008
Congratulation on your outstanding and meritorious service which has earned you the AGU award. It is my prayer that you will keep the flag flying and do more.Others will also follow suit to make a glorious landmark. Bravo

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

From: Masresha Fetene (masfetene@yahoo.com)  

May 11 2008
Congratulations Dr Laike for a well deserved recognition. With your leadership the Observatory did get world recognition and thanks again to your unreserved effort it is now elevated to a Research Institute incorporating many areas previously uncovered.

From: Mesfin Tadesse (tadesse.1@osu.edu)  

May 11 2008
Congradulations on your well deserved achievements. I wish you all the best also for the future.
Mesfin Tadesse

From: Yayeh (suddi2love@yahoo.com)  

May 11 2008

From: Yoseph Assefa (yoseph1assefa@yahoo.com)  

Home page: http://www.etff.org
May 10 2008
Congratulations Dr. Lake Thank you for your willingness to serve your motherland consistently. This will inspire fellow citizens that are not recognized but doing important work like you did. I hope this will give momentum for your future contribution for your future work

From: Berhanu Abegaz (babegaz@hotmail.com)  

May 10 2008

Congratulations. It is a pleasure to read of your recognition.

From: Godfrey Akpojotor (akpogea@mpipks-dresden.mpg.de)  

May 10 2008
This is a great inspiration for Africans working in Africa and a motivation for Africans in the diaspora.

From: Abbi M. Kedir (ak138@le.ac.uk)  

Home page: http://www.le.ac.uk/economics/ak138.htm
May 10 2008
Many congratulations!!!
Thank you for being a loyal academic and you deserve this special award! You gave the best hope and pride to AAU academic community and that is wonderful!!!

From: Dr. Cesar Mbane Biouele (cesarmbane@yahoo.fr)  

May 10 2008
You honor your country and Africa in general. May this example serve the youth of our continent.

From: Dr. Oyedemi S. Oyekola (osoyekola@yahoo.com)  

May 9 2008
Congratulations on your outstanding and glorious AGU Award. The Lord will continue to grant you wisdom and preserve you from all evil all the days of your life. As the Lord has crown your effort, get closer to him. Weldone and God Bless.
Dr. Oyedemi S. Oyekola
Senior Lecturer
Covenant University
College of Science & Technology
Department of Physics
Cannanland, Ota, Ogun State

From: Wondwossen (wanbessie@yahoo.com)  

May 9 2008
a superb Ethiopian elite! Doc Lake, I would say to you keep up the good job and i am sure you will.

From: Sitotaw Yirdaw Zeleke (sitotaw@gmail.com)  

May 9 2008
On behalf of me and my family, I wish to express my heartfelt felicitations to you on these great accomplishments. I wish you many more years of greater life-changing contributions in this precious field.

Sitotaw Yirdaw

From: Santimay Basu (basu@ppd.nrl.navy.mil)  

May 9 2008
It is an impressive achievement for you, the Observatory and Ethiopia.

From: Abebe Kebede (abkebede@gmail.com)  

Home page: http://sirius-c.ncat.edu
May 9 2008
Thank your for serving your country and your people with such committment. Congratulations, and you deserve this prestigious AGU Award