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North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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Group members

NC A&T State University
A. Kebede (PI)
Adam Trotter
S. Danagoulian
G. Smith
R. Gamble
Christopher Foster
Shanel Deal
K. Flurchick
Ben Griego

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Daniel Reichart (Co-PI)
Aaron LaCluyze
Josh Haislip

International Activities and Collaborators

International Heliophysical Year
Chapman Conference, Ethiopia
US-Armenia IRES proposal


Space Science Concentration for Physics Major

Curriculum Summary

The Physics Core (29 cr.),
University Studies (25 cr.)
Science and Mathematics (27 cr.)
Space science core (24 cr.)
Other Technical Electives (3cr.),
Space Science Electives (18-21 cr.)

Credit distribution

Course numbers, names and Credit Distribution

HBCU-TIP Courses

Other courses (3 cr each)

  • EASC 330: Elements of Weather and Climate
  • PHYS 440 Introduction to Geophysics
  • PHYS 500: Special Topics
  • PHYS580: Introduction to High Energy Astrophysics
  • PHYSXXX: Introduction to Space Radiation
Other Technical Electives (3 cr.): Choose one

  • PHYS 416 Electromagnetism II (3 cr.)
  • PHYS 401 Classical Mechanics II (3 cr.)
  • PHYS450 Waves and Optics (3 cr.)
  • PHYSXXX: Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • ECT634: Electronic Instrumentation for Telemetry Application (3cr.)

Students can further choose engineering tracks to qualify further for space science track

First Choice-Electrical Engineering Sequence
Required courses (9cr.): must take the following courses

ELEN200 Electric Circuit Analysis I (3 cr.)
ELEN300 Electric Circuit Analysis II (3cr.)
ELEN400 Linear Systems and Signals (3cr.)

Choose from one of the following groups

Group A: EE- Image Processing (10 cr.) ELEN650: Digital Signal Processing I (3cr)
ELEN651: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (2cr.) [1-3]
ELEN 657 Digital Image Processing (3r)
ELEN658: Digital Image Processing Laboratory (2cr.) [1-3]

Group B: EE-Artificial Intelligence (9cr.)

ELEN674 Genetic Algorithms (3 cr.)
ELEN678: Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (3 cr.)
ELEN685: Machine Intelligence Laboratory (2 cr.
ELEN686: Special Projects (1cr.)

Second cholice -Mechanical Engineering Sequence
Required courses (9 cr.)

MEEN335: Mechanics I, Statics (3cr.)
MEEN337: Mechanics II, Dynamics (3cr.)
MEEN 336:Strength of Materials, (3cr.)
MEEN 415: Aerodynamics (3cr.) or MEEN 416: Fluid Mechanics (3 cr.)
MEEN422: Aero Vehicle Structure I (3 cr.)

and one of the following

MEEN 653: Aero Vehicle Flight Dynamics (3cr.) (MEEN 422 is a must)
MEEN 655: Computational Fluid Dynamics (3cr.) (MEEN415 or MEEN416]

Third Choice- Earth System Science (18 cr.)

EASC201: The Earth-Man’s Environment (3cr.)
EASC309: Elements of Physical Geology (3cr.) [2-2]
EASC644: Problem Solving in Earth Science (3cr)[2-2]
EASC408: Field work in Earth Science (3cr.) [1-4]
EASC624: Earth Science, Geomorphology (3cr.)[2-2]
EASC-666. Earth System Science (3cr.)

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