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Pages suggested by teachers 

American Museum of Natural History Presents "Ology"
Great science website and our kids love the Astrology section)
Cyberchase: Loots of great fun here
Environmental Kids Club (Lots of science and enviromental activities)
Study Buddy (homework help, games and fun)
Fisher Price (online coloring and games for little folks)
GameGoo (Educational Games)
Fun Brain (lots of learning games and activities)
Seussville (you have to have a Dr. Suess site!!)
Sesame Street Workshop (games and more)
Scholastic (online language activities)
Count us in Games (Math learning games)
A+ Math (Math learning games)
Cool Math 4 Kids (Math learning games)
Harcourt Math (grade level math games)

  Suggested by Chelsie Gordon and Her student

Math Made fun Online
Note from Ms. Gordon

I hope I'm not bothering you, but I wanted to let you know that I've been using your page: ( for my students, I hope that's okay! I'm a teacher working on resource pages and your page had a lot of good stuff I could use :)

Anyway, I also wanted to let you know of an article I have also been referencing in my class: (a fun math page for kids with games at the bottom) that one of my 3rd graders found! I thought maybe you could include it on your page above. I would love to make my student (Erin) feel special and show her that the page she found is incorporated on your page :)
Let me know what you think!

Thanks Again!

Chelsie Gordon

NASA Games for kids

Suggested by Dr. Abebe Kebede

Cool Games-NASA

NASA Kids only games

NASA Kids Club

NASA Fun Games

NASA Video Archives

Mineral Games

Math Jeopardy Games

Lots of Math Fun

More math fun

5th Grade Every day Math Resources

Dr. Kebede, feedback on your science page
2 messages

Anna-Beth Craig <> Thu, May 12, 2011 at 11:37 AM
Good Morning Dr. Kebede,

First, let me say thank you.  I've been working on my lesson plans(trying to get ahead so I can enjoy the good weather!) and your page( helped me out! I really liked the NASA resources you have. They have some great stuff!

I thought I might offer some help in return!  I found another page( that's really helped me.  It has a bunch of great resources that worked well with my third graders.

Thanks again for the help, and Happy ALMOST Friday! ;-)

Anna-Beth Craig
Pine Mountain Central Schools


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Venn Diagram
(3 sets - you label!)  

Virtual Manipulatives
Pattern block manipulatives  
Base 10 blocks (with 100s chart)  
Virtual Dice - 6, 8, 10 or 12 faces  
Interactive clock (great for elapsed time!)  
Addition and subtraction  
Addition and subtraction of decimals  
Fraction bars (fractions, decimals and percents)  
Cuisenaire rods  
Attribute Blocks  
Tangrams or PBSKids Tangrams   
Tally Charts  
Interactive spinner
Make your own graph  
The Pythagorean Theorem  
The Value of Pi  
Interactive Resources (these are demos, but worth checking out!)

  Teaching Measures
  Primary games, vol. 1
  Primary games, vol. 2
  Teaching Time
  Teaching Tables (multiplication)
  Graph resources
  Function box
  Interactive Math Games
Java activities aligned to NCTM standards (both primary and intermediate activities - great for the SMART Board!)

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