Faculty and senior personnel

Abebe Kebede
Samuel Danagoulian
Dharananjay Kumar
Zerihun Assefa
Brian Schuft

Technical  staff

Ceasar Lockhart

Current Post Doc

Dr. Adam Trotter (Astrophysics)

Current Undergraduate Students
Deion Waddel (Astrophysics)
Hope Pegues (Astrophysics)
Anthony Patterson (Astrophysics)
J. Pozzo (Astrophysics)

Current Graduate Studentets
Klinton (Material Science)

Previous Post-docs

Jyoity Nair (Space Science)
Tesfaye Gebre (Material Science)

Previous Undergraduate Students

Dominique James (Astrophysics)
Carol Miles (Astrophysics)
Prince (Astrophysics)
Christopher James (Astrophysics)

Previous Graduate Students

Talisha Haywood (Material Science)
Terrell Dial (Material Science)
Darkus Jenkins (Chemistry)
Galen Smith (Space Science)
Ron Gamble (Materials)

Previous Undergraduate Students

Antonio Batiste
Benika Johnson

Past members

Dr. Marcell Buford (Research Assistant)
Ms. Marsha Williams (Graduated with MS in Applied Physics)
Mr. Allen Graham (Research assistant)
Mr. Allen Ownes (Research assistant)
Dr. Chuck Stone (Outreach)
Dr. Misganaw Gentaneh (member)
Mr. Troy Young (Research Assistant)
Dr. Willaim Craft (co-Invstigator  CBPRESS)