Summer 2013 Outreach
High School Students hosted by NCAT Transporation Institute
July 10, 2013

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Transportation Institute Outreach
July 10, 2013 1030-12:50

Instructors:  Caesar Lockhart and    Abebe Kebede

Number of Participants 20
1. Navigating the sky and Resources:  Dr. Kebede gave a 30 minute lecture on how to navigate the sky, and about available resources the students and the public can use to navigate and understand the sky. Using SkyGaze 4.5 a sky software, students were able to identify and name constelations, orbits of planets and celestial coordinates. Students were able to see the sky as it appers when viewed from different locations.  Students were also introduced to a network of telescopes managed by harvard Microbservatory. Three students were selected to take pictures of the moon, M15 and the andromeda galaxy.
They learned how to set up the telescopes to take pictures.  As an excercise student are asked to take pics of any object they like and to email to Dr. Abebe Kebede.

2. Planetarium show: Mr. Casear Lockhart gave a brief introduction of the sky and proceeded with the practical navigation of the sky. Students were able to identify the zodiac constellation, learn about the seasons, occurances of eclipses, and how historically constellations are used as navigation tools. One example is how fugitive slaves used the big dipper to escape to northern United States. This folk lore inspired the songs Follow the Drinking Gourd

Other activities We distributed recruitment materials, and CD on the
sun and earth connection