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Condensed Matter Physics Research 
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Funded projects present and past

1. Project Title: Transport, Calorimetric and Magnetic studies of Bismuth-based High Temperature Superconductors
Source of Support: Office of the Naval Research,
Award Amount : $200,000 Period covered: 04/15/95-04/14/98
Location of Project: NC A&T State University

2. Project Title: Physics of Materials Research Initiative at NC A&T State University
Source of Support: The Regents of the University of California-DOE
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Award Amount : $50,000 Period covered: 09/18/95-08/31/98 Location of Project: NC A&T State University

3. Project Title: Technology Tools for Science, Engineering and Mathematics Learning
Source of Support: UNCG-NSF
Award amount: $37,824 Period covered 1/2/98-31/10/99
Location of Project: NC A&T State University

4. Project Title: Proposal to establish a laser facility for materials research (Co-PI)
Source of Support: DoD (pending)
Award amount: 399,000
Location of Project: NC A&T State University

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